Thursday, January 17, 2008

Leaving from Paris

I'm leaving Paris in 8 days. The last time I was here (in January 2007) I was only here for 8 days. It's strange how then, I wanted to do everything, see everything, experience everything I could in that short period of time. Now, I just want to go home. Oh, I'm still going up the Eiffel Tower tomorrow with some friends, and I'll probably go to a museum after that. And I'm still thinking of going to Bruges this weekend (though I have no idea if that will happen).
But I want to be back in New York. My roommie is planning a little dinner at Arriba! Arriba! for my return (yeah Mexican food!), and I am really looking forward to it. I've got her and another friend picking me up at the airport, which is amazingly nice of them. I want to smoke hookah and go to school on the UES. I want to find a job and go to work again. I want to take that long-ass train ride on hard plastic seats into the city and home again so that I can get some reading done. I want to hide my suitcase away so I don't have to see it constantly staring me down like the last 5 months because there's no where to put it in this tiny little room. I want Rachel's snoring to keep me awake and the sound of church-goers downstairs to wake me up. I want bodegas and Whole Foods and the good old buying power of the American Dollar. I want my city back, dammit! It is time.

My American Friend

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