Tuesday, November 13, 2007

They sure do try

Well, it looks like the French tried to copy Central Park at some point, but they couldn't find a central location, nor a place as big as we have in New York. What they did succeed in doing was to make an absolutely adorable gem of a park that is also a very good place to job. The paths are wide, it's challenging with sloping hills and the occasional stairway, and there is even the option of running on the gravel pathways that border the wide concrete paths. I am glad I stumbled upon it.

I guess the major difference between this park and the parks in New York is the sculptures. I know that they have them in Central Park, but they are more likely to be something huge, and possibly with some sort of gimmick- like the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. Here they just threw in some works of art that look good in the park and can handle the weather. Of course, they could have chosen them very carefully for all I know, but here's an example.

The park looks nice in the fall weather. The combination of water and leaves is quite nice and soothing. I like to sit and look around a bit after my jog. There seem to always be a lot birds: ducks, seagulls, pigeons of course. Watching the birds is good for me. I seem to have a slight fear of birds, especially when they are flying at my head. I think I had too many pet birds bite me when I was younger, or even when I was in college and my mom at a couple of cockatiels.

I'm not sure what it is, but for jogging, I prefer this park over the Luxembourg Gardens. Maybe I'm just used to the style of park where they try to make the area seem more natural and wild, as opposed to the French style where everything is obviously planned out with symmetry and lots of flowers. Maybe it's less crowded with tourists and more populated with joggers like me. Whatever it is, I think I will take the little extra effort it takes to get there from now on.

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